BullRun.io works with diversification strategies

Our strategies get excellent results. Experience teaches us that combining different strategies already proven in various cryptoassets helps to maximize positive results by limiting the unexpected market movements impacts.
This diversification has allowed BullRun.io to maintain a sustainable and balanced performance.

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BullRun.io makes it easy for everyone to participate in cryptoassets trading with the highest LIQUIDITY on the market.

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Our goal is to have satisfied customers who feel comfortable within BullRun.io

One of the key elements in the comfort of our customers is liquidity. We trust in our results so strongly that we do not want to tie you to our service by imposing a minimum stay. You will be able to request the withdrawal of your deposits every month through a simple procedure, which obviously takes into account the required management times, for the withdrawal of the corresponding deposit without prejudice to the general strategy but which just involves a few days of waiting.

BullRun.io offers you an operation characterized by simplicity and security

You will be able to receive your returns and commissions directly in the portfolio of bitcoins that you provide us. In this way we avoid the risk of a temporary custody of your bitcoins that could be used by hackers for phishing.

Compound interest

In case you want to make compound interest you can also apply for it by taking even more advantage of the results offered by our traders.

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BullRun.io is within reach of everyone from just 100 Euros initial minimum contribution and can make compound interest with no minimum amount required.

If you wish, you can make compound interest with your returns whatever the amount of the same so that, as long as you do not decide to withdraw your contribution, it will increase and generate new returns.

BullRun.io offers you an extra tranquility putting your deposit safe from possible market reversals.

For this your account will be quoted in an internal stablecoin equivalent to the euro that allows you to enjoy the most stable returns of trading without being exposed to a sharp fall in the value of Bitcoin (BearRun).
At BullRun.io we want you to sleep easy knowing that you won't get up with a huge red candle for breakfast.

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If you are a person who in addition to being interested in trading is interested in developing what is the best network marketing opportunity do not miss our next information.

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BullRun.io has made the best opportunity for entrepreneurs by designing a unique compensation plan, designed to make our distributors the most successful in the industry.

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8 ranges and up to 13 levels of depth

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Additionally distributed in a leadership bonus

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Optimizing positions

BullRun.io welcomes you through the words of our CEO.

We are living moments of continuous change and permanent innovation that offer enormous opportunities to those who have the necessary attitude and determination. At BullRun.io we work to make some of these opportunities more visible and bring them closer to our customers through simple and intuitive operations that allow them to take advantage of them with the least effort. I hope that you are one of those people and that the current pandemic circumstances will remit so that we can celebrate together the achievements made.
Carlos Nobre

Carlos Nobre

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